Criddle Chronicles- Flashback Dec 31, 2009

Hi Everyone!  It has been quite a while since I published the latest version of the Criddle Chronicles.  I found this Oldie but Goodie from 2009 that I thought I would start with to get you all back into the mood.  These were my thoughts and comments from the end of 2009.  BHO had been in office almost a year and this is where we were headed.


“News and Views from the Conservative Voice of SW Ohio”

Volume 2, Issue 28

Thursday, December 31, 2009



A rigid economy of the public contributions and absolute interdiction of all useless expenses will go far towards keeping the government honest and unoppressive.”

Thomas Jefferson, letter to Lafayette, 1823


Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the 2009 Year in Review Edition

What a year! On a personal note it has been fairly a crappy year, (certain teaching experiences that I wouldn’t wish on anyone), the passing of my 13 1/2 year old dog (who was my first child) and a week later losing my mother-in-law.  The situation our country is finding itself and the current socialist administration does nothing to make one feel better.

Politically, we as a country have faced a crappy year as well.  The failed Stimu-LESS packages, Cash for Clunkers, Cap & Tax, Government takeover of the auto industry, banking and insurance industries, unemployment of 10.2%, GITMO’s planned closing and Obama-care (a.k.a. socialized medicine) among other things.  The overspending by this administration as well as the far left-wing Congress pushing their socialist agenda is unbelievable.  When we have the CHINESE lecturing us on too much government spending you KNOW you have a problem. There were also the additional embarrassments to me, as an American, with the “apology tour”, Obama’s insistence on bowing to every foreign leader he comes across—THE PRESIDENT SHOULD NEVER BOW TO ANYONE.

There was the dissing of the British PM. There were the embarrassing “gifts” his administration gave heads of state- including DVDs (which were not compatible with the European DVD players), and I-pod with show tunes—good grief!  When the protocol is to send a college intern to Wal-Mart to buy the state gifts, we have a serious disconnect with the office he holds.  And who can forget Hillary Clinton’s “reset” button to the Russians- which actually said “overcharged”…I think we ALL feel that way.  That incident truly frightened me since the administration must not have access to a reliable Russian translator- what does THAT say for National Security concerns?

On the topic of National Security, Obama was supposed to be the one to change America’s image in the world.  Iran and N. Korea were going to magically realize that we were now the good guys and drop any animosity towards us.  Well, as we have seen, his Kumbaya Foreign Policy hasn’t worked at all.  The Iranians in particular have loved it— mainly because it bought them time to build their nuclear arsenal.  I think it has actually been a shock to BHO that they actually call HIM Satan too.  They are so naïve when it comes to the terrorists. A hug is NOT going to make them go away.  Strategically targeted US missiles on the other hand… I say we help them get to those 72 virgins a little earlier than they expected.  I always have this hope that the final joke is on them.  Thy die for the cause, and end up in the afterlife asking for their 72 virgins.  They are then led to a room full of ugly men in spandex saying “Here we are”!

Then we have his job as Commander in Chief.  I really wish he took that as seriously as he does his date nights with his wife.  Gen McChrystal, who BHO appointed as his Commander in Afghanistan.  When Gen. McChrystal asked for 40,000 more troops in August of course, BHO jumped right on that priority—our War on Terror, right?  Well, if you consider the end of NOVEMBER jumping on it.  AND he only approved 30,000 troops and he gave an exit date of 18 months.  Yeah, let’s let our enemy AND the citizens of Afghanistan know when we will be leaving.  I mean, I am no military expert, but common sense AND the experts say not to tell them your plans.  I say one of his main Constitutional duties is as Commander in Chief.  He needs to listen to his leaders and take care of our men and women who are sacrificing their lives for us.  It should be always a TOP priority.

Speaking of the Constitution….I wish our Congress would do the same.  I am not a Constitutional lawyer (and I don’t play one on TV) but, I am a citizen who has read the Constitution (which is steps ahead of most of our Congress from what I can tell).  There have been quite a few abridgements of our Constitutional rights, in my opinion as of late.  I strongly believe the government takeover of private business (buyouts) is unconstitutional. This latest offence, better known as Obamacare, completely disregards individual freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution.  The fact that people are being FORCED to have health coverage or be fined/penalized is totally against what our country used to stand for.  We must remember health care is NOT A RIGHT it is a privilege.  Many are fortunate to work for companies that have offered health insurance to its employees.  That offer is often a way to entice or keep workers, it is also considered part of their compensation.  It is great that people offer that.  But to PENALIZE companies that offer their own insurance to their workers is a way to force people into a single-payer system (socialized medicine).  Doctors also are against this plan.  It will do nothing but drive physicians out of the medical profession or at least out of private practice.  When doctors are compensated less for some specialized tests that can be done in their office, they will be forced to give up that expensive equipment as they can no longer afford to pay for it.  This will force testing to be done in a hospital setting-  which is, as you know, more expensive than if done in an office.

Also, since many doctors are being forced out of the field, medical resources will be fewer.  More people drawing from fewer resources will result in longer waits for patients.  We have also seen evidence of the government wanting to limit or restrict access to certain tests- a government study recommending that mammograms no longer being offered to women 40 yrs old but you must now wait until 50.

Since it wont save costs, it causes longer waits for treatment and less covered services, it seems that the only purpose is to create a socialized medical system with greater government control and power over our lives.

Our government has forgotten about “WE THE PEOPLE”.


I posted the message below on my FB pages election night. Thought I put it here too, but it was LATE, I was exhausted and it just didn’t happen.  So here it is:

Before I go to bed- exhausted– I want to say that I HONESTLY had so much fun with this campaign. I enjoyed every bit of it– this is what I do for fun after all. I am going to frame the hit piece. Thought it was hilarious- and how many folks can say they had a hit piece put out on them?

I loved getting to know Burr- what a wonderful man- truly.

I feel so blessed and honored by all of you who were supporting me- many behind the scenes- you know who you are and it will NOT be forgotten.

I can hold my head high knowing I have not sacrificed my principles for anything. I had said from the beginning of this that if I win, I win. If I dont- I still win because it really gets tiring banging my head against a wall up there sometimes. But we ran a thorough grassroots campaign. I met some WONDERFUL people going door to door. We had close to 50 volunteers for a SCC race! Which is unheard of! THAT means much more to me than anything. And those who know me know i don’t BS anyone. I really mean it.

I will CONTINUE to work hard for the Hamilton County Republican Party- like I have always done. We have big races in the fall that we need to win.

One final note- I DID win Precinct Executive for Wyoming B! I won in my neighborhood of Wyoming and most importantly- I beat my opponent in her OWN precinct! – despite her having spent probably close to $15,000 on the race.

I had put all of this into God’s hands- whatever his plan…my job, selling the house and this race. We have sold the house!! Working on getting the job (figure I will end up where I am supposed to) and I am totally at peace with the race. No regrets at all.

I have been true to me and in the end that is all that will ever matter.


Calling all “Bureaucrats!” (also known as Public Servants)

As I was going D2D today talking to voters, I ran into several of my fellow “bureaucrats” (I prefer public servants)- who got her hit piece on me and were offended because they said that she must be talking about them too since they had worked in public service.
So in honor of that hit piece-I am calling on all fellow “Bureaucrats” to unite!

If you are currently (or formerly) a Fireman, Police Officer, Teacher, Local Government employee, lifeguard at a Rec pool, State Government employee, elected official, County employee, member of our Armed Forces or any other person who has (according to my opponent) been “lining [our] pockets with [your] money” and “spent years taking taxpayer dollars for a government job”…

RISE UP, SPEAK UP and join in supporting a fellow, proud (former) PUBLIC SERVANT and cast your vote…


Great Article in Cincinnati Enquirer today about the Central Committee races

Great article in today’s Enquirer about the race for Central Committee.  ONLY thing that was inaccurate- Faulkner gave Pepper $2250, not $1000 in 2010.

Hidden primary could hold fate of GOP;and Sharon Coolidge9:59 p.m. EDT May 3, 2014
On Tuesday, Southwest Ohio Republicans will again wage a battle for the soul of the party.

No, we’re not talking about the primaries for elected office mounted by tea party challengers who are angry over policies they see as too mainstream. Conservatives are instead focusing their efforts again on the “hidden” primaries on Republican voters’ local ballots – unheralded races for party offices that determine the political leanings and policies of the entire state party.

Whether tea party conservatives can gain more influence matters to all Ohioans, not just political insiders, and not just Republicans. Precinct executivesand state central committee members determine the ideology and endorsement decision of the GOP, a party that currently controls every branch of state government – from the statewide elected offices, such as governor to the General Assembly to the state Supreme Court.

“It’s the story of this primary,” said Cincinnati Tea Party President Ann Becker, who is running for Butler County Central Committee. “People think it’s Boehner, but it’s central committee. We may be changing the face of the entire Republican Party in Ohio.”

For Becker, the race is at the most micro level. She expects a 300-vote race. But that might be on the high side: She won in 2010, 84 votes to her opponent’s 44.

Change the party? Change the people

Their names vary, but the volunteer roles of precinct executives and central committee members are essentially the same. At the county level – even, in some cases, at the community level – central committee members, also known as precinct executives, help recruit candidates and poll workers and vote on county endorsements and platforms. These races are at the very bottom of the ballot; committee membership for each county can number in the hundreds.

At the state level, 66 central committee members – one man and one woman from each state Senate district – meet a couple of times a year to vote on policies, ideology and endorsements. These races are in the middle of the local ballot. State central committee members’ most important vote is for the party’s chair, who sets the direction for Ohio Republican Party involvement in campaigns and policy issues.

When Gov. John Kasich pushed for the 2012 ouster of then-Ohio Republican Party Chairman Kevin DeWine, eventually selecting lobbyist Matt Borges as the new chairman, the state central committee voted to confirm the choice.

More: Full election coverage

Scott Nichols, a state central committee member from Union Township, opposed Borges as too moderate and nominated a challenger, Tom Zawistowski, executive director of the Portage County TEA Party. Borges easily won, 48-7.

“That’s why we’ve got to put these people in there,” said Nichols, who is running this year for a Clermont County committee position, saying he’s disillusioned with the state committee. “You’re going to have to put a lot on the central committee to really turn the tide.”

To Borges, the state central committee is already conservative. But he agrees the committee’s makeup determines the party’s direction. The party has endorsed all of its incumbent committee members who requested the endorsement.

Still, tea partiers such as Nichols who want to take over the party are fighting against mainstream power.

For instance, Kasich’s control of the party means the central committee has avoided voting on the Republican National Committee platform, which opposes the nationwide Common Core educational standards that Kasich supports.

But if the tea partiers’ task sounds impossible, look at Republican central committees in Clermont County.

In 2010, several dozen tea partiers were elected to the county’s central committee and for the central committee of sprawling Union Township.

The mass election didn’t give the new conservatives a majority on the county’s central committee, which has around 200 people, said Union Township’s Ted Stevenot, one of the new county members in 2010. But the tea partiers built a coalition with some incumbents who were sympathetic to their cause.

“The parties are just the people inside them. So you want to change the party, you’ve got to change the people involved,” Stevenot said.

Especially in down-ticket races, the county party’s endorsement can virtually guarantee a candidate’s victory, he said.

Many credit Clermont County tea partiers with an even bigger victory: helping U.S. Rep. Brad Wenstrup, R-Columbia Tusculum, in his first election and a seat in Congress in 2012.

Wenstrup eked out a primary defeat over then-U.S. Rep. Jean Schmidt, R-Miami Township. Because of tea party support for Wenstrup, Schmidt failed to win the required 60 percent vote to be endorsed by the Republican central committee in her home county of Clermont. And on primary day, the Clermont County voters selected Wenstrup over Schmidt, 50 percent to 41 percent.

Work of precinct executive ‘the next step’ in effort

Hamilton County tea partiers are trying to pull off a similar feat on Tuesday, some spurred on by the tea party’s Ohio Precinct Project.

Forty-nine of 350 precinct seats are contested this year.

Ed Bell, a member of Eastern Hills Community Action, a tea party group representing Sycamore Township, Montgomery, Kenwood and Madeira, is taking on longtime central committee member Gloria D’Andrea in Precinct K.

Just like candidates in more prominent races, Bell spends weekends knocking on doors. In his case – the 215 doors of people who last voted in a Republican Primary in the precinct he’d represent.

He called the work of precinct executive “the next step.”

“There are phone banks and knocking on doors for a candidate, but this gives you a little bit more say in who we put up,” Bell said.

Hamilton County Republican Party Chairman Alex Triantafilou doesn’t see the contested races as an attempted takeover.

In fact, he said, several of the uncontested seats are held by people who ran in 2010 on tea party ideals.

“They have assimilated into the local operation and done it very effectively,” Triantafilou said. “I welcome the influence because we’re conservative.”

Casualty in state central committee race: Woman’s job

They may be for only volunteer positions, but the races for some central committee seats share the same intensity as a Statehouse primary.

Nowhere has the battle raged more fiercely than in Hamilton County, in the state central committee race between incumbent committee member Christa Criddle, of Wyoming, and challenger Crystal Faulkner, an accountant from Hyde Park.

Criddle has had a chilly relationship with GOP leaders since she opposed Kasich’s push to remove DeWine in the leadup to the 2012 presidential election and then abstained from voting for either Kasich’s pick, now-Chairman Borges, or his challenger, tea party leader Zawistowski.

She says neither man was a good choice.

That relationship became more tense once Faulkner announced she would challenge Criddle’s tenure in Tuesday’s primary.

Criddle had worked for Auditor Dave Yost since 2011, handling community relations in the state auditor’s office that works with Southwest Ohio local governments.

After Faulkner’s entry into the race, Criddle resigned her job with Yost’s office.

“Once I started campaigning against Faulkner, I was given the ultimatum to resign my position on the committee or leave my job,” Criddle said. Yost told her “he didn’t want me picking his political battles for him. Because I am a principled person, I resigned.”

Faulkner had donated $1,000 in 2010 to Anderson Township Democrat David Pepper’s campaign against Yost, but she gave Yost’s campaign $1,000 in February.

She says she knew Pepper in 2010, didn’t know Yost and felt Pepper was pro-business. But she’s since met Yost and had agreed in December to help host a fundraiser for him, complete with the donation. Faulkner says she had nothing to do with Yost’s ultimatum to Criddle.

Carrie Bartunek, a spokeswoman for Yost, emphasized the choice the auditor gave Criddle, saying the heated race was a source of “real or potential conflict of interest.”

“Keep in mind, she (was) a spokesperson for Dave,” Bartunek said. “She elected to resign and continue her race.”

Criddle is looking for a new job. In the meantime, she and Faulkner are engaged in an all-out campaign war, complete with Criddle’s radio spots and Faulkner’s Charlie Winburnrobocalls.

Criddle has accused Faulkner of being a rubber stamp for party leaders and has called her out for past donations to Democratic political campaigns. Faulkner says Criddle is divisive and extreme and lacks her experience running a small business.

Criddle has even developed a “ticket” approach with Douglas “Burr” Robinson of Hyde Park, who is challenging former Ohio Senate President Stanley Aronoff, of East Walnut Hills. A third candidate, Thomas Chandler of Fairfax, is also running for the seat.

“If it’s just me again, I’ll continue to ask the questions that need to be asked and try to monitor things so that they won’t sneak things through. But hopefully I’ll have some people up there with me and stand next to me instead of a few feet behind me,” Criddle said.

To Faulkner, the race is about electing party leaders who can solve problems.

“We don’t have that right now. We have people who want to divide and who want to focus on things that we don’t have in common,” Faulkner said. “If we don’t unify as a party, then extreme liberal people are going to win. And economically, I think that can be an issue.”

Criddle, as in the past, asked the state committee not to endorse her. She says committee members should not endorse themselves. ⬛

Thank you CCV Action PAC for this email of support for our SCC Race!

How can I possibly be “standing in the way of Ohio’s Conservative Comeback”- when I am SUPPORTED by “Ohio’s Conservative Comeback” groups?

There is a crucial race going on in your district!  Christa Criddle and Douglas Robinson are running to be your State Central Committee members from District 9 (each district chooses one male and one female SCC member).Criddle and Robinson are conservatives who are stand in stark contrast to their opponents.

Please stand with Christa and Douglas, and Vote Christa Criddle and Douglas Robinson for State Central Committee  on Tuesday May 6th.

Please encourage your family and friends to do the same.

Paid for by Citizens for Community Values Action PAC.
Ken Taylor, Treasurer. 11177 Reading Road, Sharonville, Ohio 45241


I AM the Ohio Conservative Comeback!

I have arrived!!! This is awesome! This is what my opponent has gone to. Hate lit with my picture and everything. I at least appreciate them picking a nice pic of me. I fully admit I am not that photogenic!

Criddle Bureaucrat

I take this as a sign that she knows she is LOSING the fight, so I get a kick out of it.

My kids are asking where all that money is because they sure have never seen it. I only WISH I had that kind of money! I guess I have stashed it so well, even I can’t find it. LOL

Funny that the lit piece touting all my “money” being sent by someone who has spent SEVERAL THOUSANDS on multiple mail pieces, yard signs and calls… and who buys favors with elected officials by giving them money… and who is trying to “BUY ACCESS” onto the state party. At the same time insulting all public servants (which most people who work for local government work hard for the citizens) Hmmm. But I guess if she can donate thousands to liberal Democrats, spending that kind of money on her own attempt at “access” shouldn’t be a surprise.

Had she accepted my challenge to a debate- maybe she could have answered to the public instead of blocking them on FB. But I am not afraid so…

Lets look at how I “lined” my pockets. I have nothing to hide.

I worked for Cincinnati Rec (early 90s) part-time (a 2nd job) while paying my way through UC undergrad- yes I paid my own way. Then got hired as a Community Center Director (LeBlond, Mt. Auburn, Oakley) running programs, after school and summer camps. Left there when I had my first child in 1996 so I could stay home with her and was also working on my Masters Degree at Mt. St. Joe and getting my teaching certification at that time.

Yes, I did teach, part-time in public school and subbed while staying home to raise my kids. BIG money there as well, I guess

I also worked for Chris Monzel in his council office as the community liaison- PART TIME. I went to community council meetings Mon-Thurs evenings and handled constituent issues that the citizens needed help with. Guilty of working to help city residents with their problems. Proud City servant.

Substitute taught a bit after that as well. Also Part-time. Maybe I made my millions there?

Worked as the SW Liaison for Yost too for 3 years. Covered 12 Counties for his office handling constituent issues as well. I know I did a good job by the number of upset emails and messages I got from those clients I helped when they found out I was leaving. I LEFT that job because I chose to stick to my principles and speak up for the Conservatives here in SW Ohio instead of being the rubber stamp for the ORP Chairman. Hardly a “Bureaucratic move”.

Also wonder- how can I be working FOR Republicans and at the same time be FIGHTING Republicans. I suppose that not being the rubber stamp for the CHAIRMAN and sometimes voting against what the Administration wants is fighting Republicans. If so GUILTY- not a rubber stamp.

I do agree with her on one thing- Don’t let Big Government Bureaucrats KEEP control of the Republican Party. And CERTAINLY don’t hand control over to BIG DONORS who BUY their way on.

And final note to my (Liberal Democrat supporting opponent)—

VOTE CRIDDLE for State Central Committee.

ALL are free to ask me any questions any time. I am not afraid of the public. I worked FOR you (which I never forgot) and I represent YOU on State Committee.

Email or call me. or 513-476-5707.

Scared of the Voters???

Well, it was a week ago today that I challenged my opponent to debate on the issues and answer to the voters. I not only did this via social media but also by mail. She has not responded to me, but HAS responded by blocking a voter who encouraged her to actually stand in front of her constituents and answer questions.

I would have to say, if I had her record of supporting liberal Democrats, paying for “access”, and breaking deals with local community councils, I probably would be afraid of facing the voters in person as well and like her, continue to hide behind Facebook and Twitter (where she blocks and deletes any dissent) and behind mailers (which imply she has some magical power to stop Obamacare and reverse the Obama tax hikes). AND where she claims to be Pro-life yet she supports pro-abortion candidates like Seelbach, Sittenfeld, Pepper and Mallory among others.

One of her more vocal liberal Democrat supporters (who was the one to say that if the GOP Convention comes here, the hotels need to stock up on white sheets because theirs will have eye holes cut in them) said I am only calling for debate because I am afraid of her broad support. The only thing broad about her support is that it seems to be mostly from Democrats. Note to him AND my opponent, this is a REPUBLICAN primary. I don’t WANT support from the broad base of Democrats, and as a TRUE CONSERVATIVE, Democrats would not be voting for me anyway.

Is THAT the kind of person you want representing YOU on the REPUBLICAN State Central Committee? Someone who is not even willing to answer to her constituents? Someone who bets on BOTH teams- for personal gain- rather than who stands up for our values?

Vote for someone who stands up for YOUR values even at great personal COST. Vote CRIDDLE for State Central Committeewoman- and vote for ROBINSON for State Central Committeeman. I need him up there with me to stand up for YOU.

All Talk- and does she really know what the State Central Committee does???

So Crystal Faulkner sent her latest mailer. Let’s take a look:

She says she will “Stand Up to Obama Liberals.” STAND UP to them??? She gives them money (or as she puts it buys “access”)! Ooooh THAT will show them! I am sure they are scared! LOL! It is amazing what someone can print with a straight face.

Says she will “Fight for Conservative Principles and Fiscal Responsibilities”…. How is giving money to LIBERAL Chris Seelbach (who is neither conservative OR fiscally responsible) “Fighting” for those things.

Says she is “pro-life” yet gives money to PRO-ABORTION Democrats like Seelbach, Sittenfeld, Pepper, Mallory, Berding. How pro-life are you REALLY??? Maybe she is one of those who is “personally opposed…but…”

Her catch phrase seems to be “Focus on Solutions”- yet her solution seems to be to capitulate to liberals.  We don’t NEED that kind of solution.

She also puts the standard buzz words on there “Create jobs. Stop Obamacare. Reverse the Obama Tax Hikes”. I wonder, did anyone even tell her what the State Committee even does???    Poor thing must think she is running for Congress, but that’s what happens when you have someone running who has never really actively participated in the grassroots political aspects of anything. They just don’t understand the job. Sorry to disappoint.

There is one thing we agree on. She said “It takes a Strong Republican Party to Stand Up to Obama Liberals.”  It absolutely does- which is why she is NOT the person to make a Strong Republican Party.  She doesn’t even have the strength to stand up to the LOCAL Obama Liberals.  She gives them money and support. 

The Party needs a REAL Republican who has PROVEN she isn’t afraid to stand up to Obama Liberals. I AM that PROVEN STRONG CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN!

Words are just that- words. PROVEN ACTION is what really counts. I am a PROVEN Conservative who really HAS fought for Conservative Principles.